Prayers & Affirmations

My friends,

I have created some affirmations with images from our collective archive. May the prayer you are seeking find you within this space. May these affirmations provide you clarity and strength.

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colors and intervals of grief

oh honey, the many shades of grief arrive in blue and grey, and I’ve seen grief make it’s way into the vibrant pink, purple, and orange by end of day. it does not count on time nor space it simply finds it’s way to you, and swells the deep of your heart, unbearable to ignore, impossible to hide.

grief doesn’t have to be the bad guy. it doesn’t deserve to be. it’s more like the glimmering fairy dust in the morning snow. and the shapeless presence of nature’s whisper through the clouds. faith that there is more. grief brings us back to knowing that our essence is truly never ending. what a great gift, isn’t it?

I can’t deny how much I miss you. How much I’d give just to hear your laugh echoing into the three ranges. my heart aches in its reach and admittance that this can only happen in my dreams. at least there’s that, though, right? at least there’s that.

there it was – bittersweet – silver lining of my grief. I’ll meet you in my dreams. grief isn’t the bad guy. It has so many beautiful things to teach. Surrender and let it stream.

CBAA Sammy

I may be a foodie and a photographer but lord help me when it comes to combining the two. The CBAA sounds like a major sports league… this is actually a recipe for hmm, probably dubbed favorite sandwich I’ve made to date. Quick and easy lemon squeezy. Let me know if you come up with any hilarious acronym combos. Oh by the way it’s a chicken, bacon, apricot sandwich with caramelized tarragon apple.

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Yahweh & the Tarot

(An announcement awaits towards the end of this post!!!)

A whole week has passed since my last post, Dinner with Grief, which was a bit of an energetic outpour. I took some rest time from anything creative for the week and focused on going for walks to clear my mind instead.

We are now currently experiencing our only cold front of this winter season, up to negative thirty nights with slightly warmer days. This year has been the first winter I’ve joyfully experienced since being a child, likely due to the mild weather and lack of long distance travel we have done this year. But this cold front has snapped me back into hermit mode, unmotivated to conquer the cold more than what’s needed. Alas, this post is not about my cold weather woes. Nothing close of the sort.

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Dinner with Grief

Within an hour of last hearing your voice, I sat on my knees in front of my bed and prayed to God in the dark. I did not ask him to heal you. I did not beg him to take this pain away from us and to save you once more, as I had done many times throughout the last nine years. Instead I bowed my head to Gods power and I asked him to please make sure that you made your way safely to Him. I know in my heart how this made a difference. For the first time in my life I was ready to accept your physical absence.

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Mt Robson & Berg #onfilm

35mm images taken throughout late 2019 and 2020, just recently developed. From a trip to Berg and some viewpoints of Mt. Robson.

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Call Your Mother

When I was sixteen I told my parents that I desperately desired to live off the grid and find resources to build an earthship that could become a healing center for the collective.

They looked at me much like this : 🥴😳🤨

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2021 Calendar

Hey friends! I put together a calendar for the new year featuring images from our archives. Lots of Berg!! I have included the viewing link below (made through Canva) – if you are interested in purchasing a bound copy, please contact me at ($27 CAD + Shipping)

Click here to view the calendar!