The Many Homes We’ve Made

In short,

1. Yellowhead, built est 1920, abandoned est 1954. Refurbished and Homestead 2018. | 2. Green 4Runner. Across BC and Back. North and Back. Across Canada and Back. Many camping trips in-between.

| 3. Lakelse Lake, borrowed wealth and fancy dinner. | 4. Kitimat, Ocean arm and terrible weather. | 5. Newfoundland in wreckhouse winds and five sweet cats. | 6. Nelson with old man Spencer, kayaking during winter. | 7. The Compound, an illegitimate address and a terribly icy roof. | 8. Base of Mount Robson, refurbished and pleasantly haunted. 8. Village of Valemount, our first P.O Box. | 9. Temporary seasonal retreat at the Berg Lake Ranger cabin, where my first five minutes post arrival are spent sprawled out on the cold, yellow floor.

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