BLT, winter wonderland

I wanted to set an intention to spend more time outdoors this year, as last year I stopped hiking in August and I’ve missed being in the back country so much. Summit is now old enough to join us on some longer struts, like going to Kinney – so that’s how we started our first day of 2021.

And I cannot wait to spend the rest of the year introducing him to our favorite places… like up to the Ranger cabin and through the Rockwall. Having Summit has been a great influence in changing my attitude around winter – it took almost thirty years (and I’m canadian) to get a good attitude about winter. I loved it as a kid but once I was too big to safely make a tunnel, I don’t know, something happened. Maybe I just never found the adult way. Either way, Summit is bringing the joy back in winter for me. He is making me appreciate the slow down, the retreat, the snow and all the play that can be had with it.

So here’s a family photo dump of how beautiful the Berg Lake trail was on New Years day. We were first to arrive and first to leave the lake, and ran into a special few groups of people who got to see two Martin’s hanging out in the trees above the bridge. Summit was actually quite polite. (Film photos to come at a later time hehe)

Get outside my friends I promise you will find beauty anywhere and everywhere. You have to open your heart to it.

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