Love Letters (in the Valley)

A couple months ago an idea flew into my heart and it settled in nice and cozy. I was drawn and inspired to start writing love letters. I had no idea how to start or what that would look like. I considered fancy paper and vintage seal sets. I was thinking of all the cute ways I could decorate it instead of focusing on the message itself. It steered me away from the point a little bit.

So I tried building a web page around this idea, and that didn’t seem to stick either.

I wrote a love letter to my Mother in Law, and that started to ring some bells. I wondered if I should write letters and individually drop them off in mailboxes in the community… I thought of painting the local peaks on postcards and selling them for 5$ with motivational quotes. Still didn’t really stick.

When I was organizing my art supplies, I started crafting some ornaments and wrote loving intentions on each of them. Now I was getting somewhere. I found some mini glass bottles with the cork lid and some had rocks, beach glass, things of that nature. So I emptied them, organized them, and started writing letters.

I won’t tell you what I wrote just incase you’re in the valley and you happen to stumble upon one of my messages. But I will say that I wrote something special in each bottle/wrapped up bundle hanging on some string. Some look like floating pieces of wood, stone, and cloth. I’ve been putting these things out on branches along my morning walks with a prayer that whoever finds it finds pleasure and love within the message left for them.

This is the birth of Love Letters (in the Valley), and I can’t wait to hear stories of discovery. I will certainly share them when the time comes.

If you find one, please let me know!

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