Why did I wake up? (Poem)

From the strangest dream,

It controlled me

In ways you cannot see

In my head, all the time

It took reign over me

Ball and chain in my mind

Turbulence, no end in sight

No resolve to find

Frozen in time, bombarded by

An invisible regime.

Riding on my bones

Swimming in the seas

Of my sanity

If only I could blink

Hard enough to wake

From the dream state induced by

the deep state.

Why did I wake up

From the constraints

Why are so many

Still stuck in dream state?

If I woke up

I must have a say

I have to find a way

To help others wake.

A gift given, through open eyes I see

A gift given, the truth we must speak

The darkness will dissipate, dissolve

I promise, we will be free

But not all are awake yet

From the deep state dream.

We must reach in, open their hearts and show them the truth

The reason we are here

The light from our youth will help guide us through

Our love is the answer

We will all make our way.

Out, above, safe, freed, finally

From the deep state.

Have faith, pray

God is with you every day.

Gaia holds you every step of the way.

Integrate them and feel your heart.

Love is the answer.

That’s a good start.

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