Call Your Mother

When I was sixteen I told my parents that I desperately desired to live off the grid and find resources to build an earthship that could become a healing center for the collective.

They looked at me much like this : 🥴😳🤨

Like most of our parents, they expected different of their child. They wanted me to have the best life that they could imagine. Life in which they were taught was the way. In their eyes this meant going to college or university, achieving some sort of degree, and a corresponding career. In time, get a house, get married, have a family, maybe travel, retire; pass on to the next generation and repeat (I personally view this as a modern form of slavery in which we are slaves to “the system” and the Elite. I do not believe this will be the way forward into New Earth… topic for another day.)

That trajectory, life path, expectation… was never meant for me. Not an ounce part of my design. I’d never be myself stuffed into that boxed-in reality.

My child like soul. That was home.

I told them I needed the earth against my bare feet. My hands towards the sky. I had wonder in my heart that leaped like a child on Christmas morning, and it leaped upon Nature’s magnificence; the Boreal Forest, the water connecting us, the Rocky Mountain divide, the rain forests and desert dunes, the hoodoos. This was my heart, this was my home; always was, would and will always be.

When I was a baby, my family (my parents and paternal grandparents) purchased two trailers and parked them across from one another in a small communal lot, perched just above the incredibly beautiful and vast Talon Lake (Ontario). We shared this spot until I was seven years old. The first years, the most impressionable, were often spent under the towering pine, the ever changing aspen and peeling birch. There was a candy shop where campers went to register – where I discovered the candies I love to this day: fuzzy peaches, swedish berries, those sour blue fish, and these squishy pink and marshmallow candies that I just ADORED. I have not had them in over a decade. Oh, and pink mints. They spoke to my inner 80 year old soul…

I learned to swim in Talon Lake, the beach seemed like an ocean at first and within weeks became a small pool. I started diving off cliffs and onto the purple inflated elephant floating on by. I’d swim under the dock to meet the trout and the pike. I drove the boat at times but usually I’d sit under the bow so I could feel the hit against each wave. I once caught a fish so large, it bent my pink rod in a semi circle, before my mom yanked it from my hands. She threw it into the water before reaching her arms in deep, trying to catch this fish with her bare hands instead of with the rod. It is one of the funniest memories I have. Ending with watching my rod floating across the water, far out of reach, along with the biggest fish I almost did eat.

Even outside of Talon, I found myself within Natures grasp no matter where I was at. Under the trees I’d sit and spill all the secrets from each passing week. My deepest desires and my biggest dreams were sent to sweet swinging birch nestled around my parents home. I often prayed to the trees hanging above our driveway, and the night sky illuminated by distant worlds; from the dark of my bedroom throughout the night, standing in front of my window with eyes curiously wide. So much came through during the night. I found picnic spots upon tiny hills, spent hours praying to the passing clouds. At the end of the day, nature was what always made sense, what always guided me to truth; what brought me home and to myself.

My immersion into nature’s arms at such a young age helped keep my heart and soul open to Gods Love. It helped me keep life’s magic in the forefront of my life, my ever guiding inspiration and guidance. It was my mission to keep it there in well balance.

When I was fourteen I discovered Chris McCandless through the story Into The Wild (but have you ever read the Wild Truth?). For the first time, I felt seen. I found connection to a soul gone before mine came into being – for the inspiration and influence nature and adventure had upon his life. Reading what he experienced made me realize that the life I desired to lead was only as out of reach as I allowed it to be.

The life of boundless discovery fueled by childlike curiosity suddenly seemed a reality in total possibility. And so I started finding all the places on Turtle Island (Kanada) that made my heart leap. Naturally heated hot spring caves (which I can say I have now experienced!!) was the first to lead me towards the West, then it was the mysticism of mountains, their language I’d one day learn to decipher. Their landscapes I’d soon to discover. The badlands and the prairies, grasslands, too. The sea to sky highway. I am totally and completely awed and enamored by Mother Nature. No matter where I am in the arms of mother nature, I return to being my youngest self, most curious, most joyful, most calm, at peace; the happiest I could possibly be.

It’s not just I who feels this pull, the healing properties of Gaia – with thousands of ancient practices honoring her roots in all landscapes, benefiting from her medicinal and nutritional properties and sharing them within their communities. This was our way of life until more recent centuries, when man put his hand between our earth and our bodies, taking control over our medicine and our natural practices and innate knowledge. Exchanging and categorizing it for the demeaning title of phony practice non deserving of our attention. It has acted as a tear between our bodies, our souls, and our minds – the holy connection. We serve the modern medicine man, coveted blue or white, forgetting that his elixirs and medications mock those of natural plants born from our Mother. It astounds me.

As I approach a period of my life in which I feel closer to welcoming my children, my soul tribe, I acknowledge the need to create a foundation in which we live at peace and in honor of our earth mother. I had my chance to live off the grid for some time. Some months far more immersed than others. Every single aspect of it, the work, the slow down, the appreciation, the hands in every single thing that must and can be done, the limitless opportunity to create, grow, build, restore, transmute, alchemise, the list goes on and on and on. Living in harmony with the land enables a lifelong relationship of love, respect, and nurture. You can plant a garden, forage, hunt, fish – while giving back and giving thanks when doing so. She abduntantly provides for her children, endlessly, and asks only that we care for her in return.

I count my blessings several times especially when I consider how my childhood has shaped my desires and gifted some of my greatest teachings, thanks to the many conversations I’ve had under my breath with the falling leaves, snow flakes, morning dew, sliver moon, and the chickadee’s. It’s in writing this story to you that I settle into my nature bound soul, recognizing my purpose has always been to be in that embrace and to bring people home to that, too.

It is, after all, where we come from, what we are made of, and where we will return.

So, why Call Your Mother? Call upon her and tell me what happens. What she has to say. What unravels before you and within you.

Remove your shoes and walk upon the earth bare foot. Close your eyes and tune in to the wind through the landscape ahead of you, around you. Dare try and tell me this doesn’t ground you while lifting your heart.

Call Your Mother because she knows how to heal you. She loves you. She never abandons her children. No matter how far the distance between you, no matter how much time has passed, she will forever welcome you, embrace you, and nurture you.

Call Your Mother will be the life motto burned into wood, hanging above my earthship door.

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