CBAA Sammy

I may be a foodie and a photographer but lord help me when it comes to combining the two. The CBAA sounds like a major sports league… this is actually a recipe for hmm, probably dubbed favorite sandwich I’ve made to date. Quick and easy lemon squeezy. Let me know if you come up with any hilarious acronym combos. Oh by the way it’s a chicken, bacon, apricot sandwich with caramelized tarragon apple.

Grocery list :

Roast Chicken

Bacon (we use hickory smoked mmm)

Buttermilk loaf, or ciabatta bun (definitely unique experiences here for the sandwich but both breads are SuPeR delicious in this combo)

Miracle Whip

Apricot Jam (or chutney)


Apple mixture

Bit of butter for the toast


For the apples:

I usually use 2 to 3 red apples (more on the sweet as opposed to bitter) to make this recipe which will yield enough for leftovers. If you want enough for one or two sandwiches, one apple should suffice.

Wash, core, and slice into thin pieces. Melt butter in a pot and toss the apples in. Let caramelize by cooking over medium-low and stirring occasionally. Once apples begin to soften, I throw in a bit of brown sugar and some tarragon. Notice the total lack of measurements.

Once they’re soft and sticky and the liquid has cooked off, they’re caramelized, and ready to be cooled. They should be somewhat cold when putting on the sandwich. You can put a pretty solid layer of this stuff on the sammy too, as long as you have a ratio of 2:1 for the meat.


Instructions, real quick

Start by cutting up the amount of chicken you want on your sammy and frying up some bacon for it too. 1-2 slices of bacon is plenty, and this is meant to be a solid sandwich, so go ahead and slice up a good amount of that tasty roasted chicken.

Once your bacon is done, throw down two thin slices of your buttermilk loaf and get an even toast on all sides. Butter them lightly when done. Spread a good layer of mayo on one piece, and a good serving of the jam on the other piece of toast.

Lay down your lettuce, chicken, bacon, and apple slices. If you want to add cheese, applewood smoked cheddar works amazing in this sandwich.

I made my favorite salad, le caesar, very simple, cheap to make, and so god damn good (made extra bacon for this too of course).

Let me know if you try it!!

Backstory : I put this sandwich together as a quick-to-make cold sammy at the cafe that I helped manage last year. It was a hit amongst the locals and I’m sure will be with you, too! Restaurant worthy meal that you too can make at home. Sweet and salty deliciousness and so easy to make.

(Don’t have access to roast chicken? Throw some thighs together in some oil and spice (ie: poultry, rosemary, thyme, parsley, dill, garlic) to bake (or fry, whichever you prefer). You can tear that meat up to throw in your sandwich once its cooked – it doesn’t need to cool prior to being eaten. Well, I mean, a little, you know..)

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