colors and intervals of grief

oh honey, the many shades of grief arrive in blue and grey, and I’ve seen grief make it’s way into the vibrant pink, purple, and orange by end of day. it does not count on time nor space it simply finds it’s way to you, and swells the deep of your heart, unbearable to ignore, impossible to hide.

grief doesn’t have to be the bad guy. it doesn’t deserve to be. it’s more like the glimmering fairy dust in the morning snow. and the shapeless presence of nature’s whisper through the clouds. faith that there is more. grief brings us back to knowing that our essence is truly never ending. what a great gift, isn’t it?

I can’t deny how much I miss you. How much I’d give just to hear your laugh echoing into the three ranges. my heart aches in its reach and admittance that this can only happen in my dreams. at least there’s that, though, right? at least there’s that.

there it was – bittersweet – silver lining of my grief. I’ll meet you in my dreams. grief isn’t the bad guy. It has so many beautiful things to teach. Surrender and let it stream.

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