Moments, a poetry collection

Moments is a poetry collection that was written mostly throughout 2015 and 2016, as I was going through a challenging and transformative period of growth and change at the time.

All of my poems were written in my journal and via my online blog (now deactivated), but I wanted to bring them to life in color once they came to be on paper. I combined tidbits of memories that bound to my poetry – in forms of  paint, photography, and typewriting on pieces of items that carried meaning during that time. Later, I scanned my hands to create the cover. I called it moments because that is simply what these memories are to me now. Moments of my life. They once held staggering depth – but I have reclaimed the energy of perseverance and determinated forward motion. It took some time to grow out of their attachment to my thoughts, emotions, and dreams. To fully let go of those memories. It happened, as it does; we all have our stories, don’t we? I had to let them go and I had to move on with my life.

So here they are, a few of those collected tidbits from one of the many lifetimes I’ve lived. Just one of the many rollercoaster rides turned to poetry. God Bless all that it has taught me. The images used as carriers were taken during 2014-2016, and are all film shots taken on my nikon fg. I have had a few of the collections published in the last few years, and I have printed a couple of my own books to honor these poems. Otherwise, they’ve remained outside of public view for the most part until now. Thank you for sharing this space , these moments , with me.

I drained myself –

Pound by pound and bone by bone.

Nothing left to give, nothing to nurture

You looked at me and said,

“You’ve never looked better.”

moments, 2016
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