Forest Therapy

When we met, we instantly connected on a mutual dream we shared – to offer Forest Bathing services as part of a healing center/retreat. We would buy acres of land and build our own trails throughout. We would learn about all the plant life on our land so that we could forage teas and identify…

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Bridges & Becoming

still figuring things out –from the burned bridges to the smokey treaded waters,born fruit of the shores of transmution;from the torn up grounds to the shredded air I could breatheto this place of color, sun bathed, Gods eternal kiss,eyes open, I rest in thisI pray for the bridgesI pray for youthe undertow bares solaceand headwaters…

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Wide Skies and Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever experienced Lucid Dreaming? Lucid Dreaming is described as the phenomena of being aware that you are dreaming, while you are dreaming. This awareness usually enables the dreamer to begin taking some control of their dreams, or at least the narrative upon which it is played or develops. When I was a child,…

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What is your answer?

If these are questions you have never asked yourself, please let me know if they’ve stumbled you or made you pause to contemplate, or maybe plan, on a deeper level than before. Feel free to share any of your answers, or questions of your own, below this post. Blessings!

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hi, i’m chels

i’m the writer, photographer, story-telling nature enthusiast behind the scenes of aminorsea. i’ve been writing daily since i was a kid, a practice i’ve carried with me along my many lifetimes to present. i’ve been shooting film since i was fourteen; a passion i am grateful to have discovered. || i am an intuitive who takes great pleasure in reading both energy and tarot, and respectfully working with natural medicine. my days are spent honoring and strengthening my connection to Source through nature, prayer, and elemental magic. i am an advocate for unapologetic self-care, self-love, and personal growth, medical freedom, freedom of speech, and bodily integrity and sovereignty. truth above illusion.
this is an honest writing space; at times humorous and others, deeply intimate. you are welcome to join along the journey, and i thank you for being here.
oh, there are tasty recipes too.
Be kind to one another.
Love is the Answer.

God Bless & Love to All

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