Wide Skies and Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever experienced Lucid Dreaming? Lucid Dreaming is described as the phenomena of being aware that you are dreaming, while you are dreaming. This awareness usually enables the dreamer to begin taking some control of their dreams, or at least the narrative upon which it is played or develops. When I was a child,Continue reading “Wide Skies and Lucid Dreaming”

The Circle of 2020

We started our year in Newfoundland. We were house sitting a B&B and caring for five cats during a six week span, from November 2019 to January 2020. We welcomed the new year with Wreckhouse Winds and crippling anxiety to get back on the ferry home (a story for another day). There really is notContinue reading “The Circle of 2020”

Yellowhead: Highway to Homestead

I was cleaning out lodge rooms for the new season at Tekarra Lodge when I first laid eyes on Mount Robson. It was my first job out West, coming from Northern Ontario, and my first time in the mountains. I hadn’t been an avid hiker just yet, but laying eyes on this mystical mountain inspiredContinue reading “Yellowhead: Highway to Homestead”